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October 2013 | Dress Code magazine about private show of the new collection on the first day DnN St. Petersburg Fashion Week (28)

about collections:

S/S 2014
F 63.9
In modern world of lost meanings, faceless fashion trends the World Health Organization has registered IT as a serious disease, calling the virus F63.9…
When we are kids, everything is possible... Growing up, only SHE, can do better then experienced psychotherapist, taking off our masks, and makes us evolve and grow as a personality, helps to believe in MIRACLE...
HER eyes are closed and heart is open...
SHE — is boundless like the ocean... Either survive and become stronger, or go under the water...
SHE — is a jump... upward or downward... it all depends on us.
SHE — is the key that turns everything on... The energy... Engine of millions…
SHE is multi-faceted and has not been studied... Feeling or matter... Who is she? Maybe SHE was named disease to create a machine to control and direct people?..
Trilogy spring-summer 2014...
1. Love — Passion.
Color chart: shades of red wine, ink, wet asphalt .
Oily and delicate silk, lace, combined with the rough organza and fabrics of new technologies.
Hand decorating.
Dresses and costumes with cuts and cut-outs on the edge, but not passing it.
2. Love — Wisdom via Suffers.
Color chart: black, blue cloudy, wet asphalt .
New ways building arm. Asymmetry and clean lines, draping and scarification.
Dresses, skirts, suits, warming capes, raincoats with a low waistline, hand- decorating.
Silk, wool , soft cashmere blended with coarse linen, cotton fabrics and modern technology.
3. Love - Tenderness, unconditional, adopted in the Universe.
Color chart: subtle shades of sky and blueberry, powdery pink, gray with splashes of peas and naive prints and embroideries.
Air flying silk chiffons and batiste, lace and organza dresses, skirts, weightless capes, cloaks and suits.