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The collection 2013 spring-summer is filled with philosophy of connection of a retro and futurism, the West and the East. The difficult geometry of a cut and asymmetry carry on dialogue with laconic silhouettes, forming style of the future. Women and men collections differ from each other a little, hinting about a unification in a new civilization. Small number of tailed skirts and dresses mixes up with the costume groups which are superficially resembling a uniform of pilots and cosmonauts. Overalls, shirts, easy jackets, capes and other products are designed to protect skin from solar storms and a dust. Every image is filled with sense and harmony. There are many unusual combinations of different natural fabrics and material types used in the collection( silk, chiffon, cotton, flax, denim) , new generation synthetic fabrics, plastic, glass, and metal. New ways of hand decoration applied in this collection.
Fantastic headdresses and many zippers strengthen images of the space future. Primary colors - deep black, mystical indigo and pure white, shined with silver in accessories, decorations and separate groups of clothes.
Boutique of Russian fashion and accessories
by « Polina Raudson»
22 Zagorodniy prospect
+7 812 973 06 46